Hello, and Welcome To Jeanine’s Doll Shop

Hello, and Welcome To Jeanine’s Doll Shop

Becoming a Doll Collector
Anyone can become a doll collector.  All that’s required is a love of dolls.  This hobby can begin at any age.  Many young girls become collectors because they own a special doll given to them in childhood.  Many women begin the hobby later in life from a desire to rediscover the fun of their youth. Mothers may begin the hobby when they purchase a doll for a daughter, and grandmothers may begin doll collecting to establish a relationship with a granddaughter.

Once the desire to collect dolls is kindled, the search for dolls to collect can begin.  A good place to start a search is to inventory the dolls you already have.  You may own dolls you have around your house that have been forgotten over the years.  You may own a favorite doll from childhood, or you may have given a favorite doll to a daughter or a grandchild.

Some sources for finding information about dolls and doll collecting are libraries, doll magazines, and doll shows.  Libraries have a lot of valuable resources and books.  Doll magazines have up to date information about doll collecting, doll history, doll artists, prices, and more.  Doll shows are another good source of information where you can view different dolls on display, meet doll artists and collectors, and purchase dolls.  You can also meet experienced doll collectors who can answer questions.

There are many kinds of collectible dolls to choose from; baby dolls, fashion dolls, child-like dolls, dolls created by specific artists, antique dolls, porcelain dolls, paper dolls, and dolls from other countries, just to name a few.  Doll collectors agree that the most important standard in choosing dolls to collect is to choose dolls you love.  The value placed on a doll isn’t the cost of the doll, but the look, how it feels to the touch, and how it feels to hold.

A few guidelines for the beginning doll collector is to buy what is loved, and buy to enjoy the doll, without the concern of age or price.  A doll that is truly loved may or may not become a collectible doll that increases in value; however, choosing to collect dolls to love is the beginning of owning dolls that become both ageless and priceless.

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